What is the Best Java Decompiler?

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As we all know, we compile the source code to generate an executable program or container distribution package.This process of converting code is the process of compiling, and decompilation is converting these already executed programs into source code that can be read by programmers. The process is the process of decompilation. Because decompilation of high-level languages based on virtual machine technology such as Java is relatively easy, a lot of good decompilation software has been derived.

The fourth below introduces several models for everyone, and I hope you can use them selectively according to your own preference. When you need it, the software is ranked in order of priority. . . Collections are available for download at the end of the article.

The basic principle of decompilation: High-level languages ​​based on virtual machines almost all use bytecode binary, so the binary bytecode is converted into the abstract syntax in the compilation principle, and the abstract syntax can be transformed with the Java Decompiler Online. For the code. Even more impressive is that based on these principles, it is also possible to implement code conversion between languages ​​on various platforms.

PS: No matter how great the decompilation is, it can't be exactly the same as the source code. There will be some differences. Don't pay attention to these details. . .

Java Decompile Online

What is Java Decompiler Online?

Java Decompiler Online is an online tool for decompiling class files to java source files which supports .class, .jar, .zip and other file formats. It's the best online tool to decompile java code quickly and intelligently.

Two nice advantages:

  • Most java files that can be decompiled can be used directly
  • If you can decompile it, you will decompile it.

Decompile class files to java files online
The advantage is that it can handle larger class files, more than 15K; the disadvantage is that the decompiled java needs to be downloaded manually
The advantage is that java files can be viewed online; the disadvantage is that it cannot handle files larger than 15K

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